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Come on in!

Enjoy a wee tour of C.O.A.S.T Gifts & Gallery in photos.

This 'Hidden Gem' of Artistic treats is not so little - three exciting galleries to explore, a 'Drop In' corner of creativity and a workshop where Milla creates all her art!


How to find C.O.A.S.T Gifts & Gallery Troon

The most common things I hear (apart from 'Wow') when people first discover C.O.A.S.T are 'what a hidden gem', 'what an Aladdin's Cave' 'didn't know you were here'!

As C.O.A.S.T doesn't have a shop window, you need to look out for 'Bloom', which is a wonderful coffee shop. We share a main entrance with Bloom, then carry on straight ahead.

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Make a day of it!

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