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More of Milla's Images

Ballast 1_edited.jpg
Ballast 2_edited.jpg

38. Looking towards Arran near the Ballast Bank, Troon

39. Looking towards Arran & the Ballast Bank, Troon

Ballast 3_edited.jpg

40. Arran & the Ballast Bank, Troon

Violin Duet_edited.jpg

41. Violin Duet

Comfy, Cosy Croft_edited.jpg
Looking across Edinburgh to the Firth of

42. Comfy, cosy, croft

43. Looking across Edinburgh

Sails & Shells_edited.jpg
Arran in Snow_edited.jpg

44. Sails & Shells

45. Snowy Arran Peaks

46. Beautiful Troon 

Blue Skies_edited.jpg
Salt Pan Houses_edited.jpg

48. Salt Pan Houses, Prestwick

47. Over the Dunes

Stairs to dunes_edited.jpg
Through the Dunes_edited.jpg

50. From the dunes to the sea

51. Dunes looking to Titchfield Rd.

Snowy Arran Peaks_edited.jpg

49. Snow capped Arran

Tide Out_edited.jpg

52. Ripples to Arran

To the Beach_edited.jpg
Towards Arran and The Ballast Bank_edite
Towards the Heads of Ayr_edited.jpg

53. Beach beckons, Troon

54. Troon to Arran

55. Troon looking to Heads of Ayr

Troon Rocks_edited.jpg

56. Troon Rocks

Velvet Sands_edited.jpg

57. Glittering Ailsa

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